Indications of a Hot Water Heater Failure

Posted by on Dec 23, 2015 in Gas Water Heater Repair Santa Barbara, Water Heater Repair Santa Barbara

Hot water heaters generally accomplish everything that they’re intended to and usually remain undetected until one needs a Santa Barbara Water Heater Repair. However, several of the issues which develop could be prevented by having regular servicing by an expert. Always watch your natural gas burning hot water heater, because several of the issues that might arise may be costly and harmful for family and friends and animals. In this post, we’re outlining 4 indications that a gas water heater could possibly have to be exchanged.

Leaking WaterWater Heater Repairs Santa Barbara

If perhaps there is water on the ground around your water heater or leaking from a pipe, you might want to exchange the water heater. But, based on where the water is and what amount there is, you may be all right. In case the water heater is leaking water from a pipe and there exists some water on the floor beside the unit, it’s more than likely the T&P valve. The temperature and pressure valve gets rid of unnecessary water vapor inside the hot water heater, this kind of water vapor changes to water and will come outside of the hot water heater by way of a pipe on the side of the unit. If perhaps this is the case, it is completely typical and vital for the water heater to work correctly. Never try to shift the T&P valve and don’t block it. In cases where you are concerned with the quantity of water that is coming from the pipe, contact an expert! If perhaps the leaking water is coming from the underside of the tank, it is pretty much definitely time to get a different hot water heater. When the water heater warms water the metal tank expands and contracts, this movement might result in cracks and minor fractures, which will sooner or later result in leaks. As soon as this takes place, it will be time to buy a new system.


Around the piping coming out of the water heater you will find pipe fittings that ought to be sealed well to be able to keep the pipe in place as well as keep water from leaking out of the opening. In the event you are seeing rust around these pipe fittings, water is seeping out of the opening. While this is not a big leak and will not likely lead to immediate harm to the hot water heater, if the issue isn’t solved, major and expensive complications can eventually arise.

Burn Marks

In cases where you’re finding burn marks on the base of the water heater, there can be two potential problems. But, both are really critical and both will need an expert. One problem can be with the venting. In the event the venting is clogged or was mounted incorrectly, it can cause the exhaust gases to come back in the property. This is hazardous and might result in health issues or a fire when left unnoticed for long. But, it may not indicate you must replace the water heater, and that is good. Another possible problem with burn marks might be the flue pipes in the water heater are obstructed. This could result in numerous hazardous problems and, regrettably, the hot water heater will have to be swapped out as quickly as possible.

Yellowish Flame Color

Gas hot water heaters have a blue flame below the tank when it is running. But, if you’re seeing the flame is an orange or yellow color, as opposed to blue, the burner is not working appropriately and will have to be looked at by a professional.

There are numerous issues which can develop with natural gas burning water heaters, however together with frequent upkeep and yearly check ups, you may be able to prevent the need for an unexpected water heater repair in Santa Barbara that could possibly be costly. Call us today in case you observe something out of the ordinary with your water heater!